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Pastor Phillips

Pastor Michael Phillips is the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Life Church, a non- denominational congregation in Baltimore, Maryland. Under Phillips’ stewardship, Kingdom Life has grown into a thriving faith community brimming with passion for social justice. Dedicated to revitalizing urban decay in West Baltimore and beyond, KLC touches lives through more than 50 outreach ministries. From stocking food pantries to mentoring small business owners their mission is simply this: Helping People to Live a Better Life! 

The Kingdom Life Church

We help individuals live the abundant life that Christ provided for them on the cross. Your life can always get better! At Kingdom Life Church, we are reaching people through Human Services, Education, and Media. These areas will give us the opportunity to touch the lives of many people in need of the Good News of Jesus and show them the life He created for them – that’s what we’re all about.


Are you looking for the right ministry to link up with in Kingdom Life Church? Well, you clicked on the right page. There is a place just for you within one of our areas of ministry, and since we have all things in common, when you link up in one area, you are linking up with all the areas. In essence, we help each other in whatever ways we can. To learn more about our areas of ministry, please go and look around the links under Our Ministries. There is a ministry for all ages, so don’t think you are too young or too old to get involved. There’s a place just for you!

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