Our Example

We have a saying here at Kingdom Life Church that “it flows from the head-down.” This means that the quality of a church is in many ways a reflection of its leadership. At Kingdom Life Church, we have an amazing example of integrity, compassion, wisdom and courage set before us. Pastor Michael Phillips and his wife Minister Anita Phillips preach a no compromise gospel and believe the WHOLE bible to be true. They do not take their call to ministry lightly, and their passion for people is evident in our lives getting better.

We reject the church model in which only the pastor and a handful of members are living the life God has for them. At Kingdom Life Church, we believe that the favor, blessings, anointing, and lifestyle that the pastor enjoys are available to each and every member. This is because we are a body of believers who have “all things in common.”

Be encouraged by Pastor’s his rich and inspiring testimony.