Our Ministries

Ministry Opportunities - The Kingdom Life ChurchAre you looking for the right ministry to link up with in Kingdom Life Church? Well, you clicked on the right page. There is a place just for you within one of our areas of ministry, and since we have all things in common, when you link up in one area, you are linking up with all the areas. In essence, we help each other in whatever ways we can. To learn more about our areas of ministry, please go and look around the links under Our Ministries. There is a ministry for all ages, so don’t think you are too young or too old to get involved. There’s a place just for you!

Men’s Ministry

Men’s ministry of Kingdom Life Church is one that is close to Pastor’s heart. Pastor Morton personally pours into the men of this house regularly, teaching them how to be godly fathers and husbands in their homes. The men’s ministry at Kingdom Life Church not only challenges the men, but helps develop within them their God-given role as Head through the word of God. Men’s fellowship is the highlighted event of men’s ministry. It’s a time of word, food, fellowship, and of course…..basketball!

If you have questions, or are looking to get more involved with our Men’s Ministry, email us today!

The 400 Men's Ministry at The Kingdom Life Church

Women’s Ministry

Piecing It Together is the women’s ministry at Kingdom Life Church. This ministry is comprised of women of all ages and all walks of life that come together to celebrate life and learn how to reflect the image of Christ. Reflections of Christ, is a highly- anticipated time of ministry for the women at Kingdom Life Church because we are washed and refreshed with God’s Word. Come as you are and leave reflecting the image of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Pastoral Care & Counseling

Even though we live in the information age, there are just some questions to life that can’t be answered with more technology. However, there is one source in which all answers can be found; this source is the Bible. The Bible contains 66 books of wisdom and is full of examples on how to live this Kingdom Life. The Pastoral Care & Counseling ministry of Kingdom Life Church is here to assist the Pastor in meeting the needs of the people. This is the avenue by which Pastor Morton can effectively answer the concerns of the people. It is the assistance that the Pastor needs as he cares for the sheep. All of the counselors within this ministry are trained and spiritually prepared to help you deal with any life issue through the Word of God. No matter what you are dealing with in life, there is help and the answers can be found in God’s Word. The Pastoral Care & Counseling ministry can help you find the direction you need.