Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry | The Kingdom Life Church – Baltimore, MDJesus reflected the greatest example of an outreach ministry during his time here on earth. He kept a pulse on the needs of the people and spent most of His days meeting those needs. The LifeGuards is the outreach ministry here at KLC and we are in the business of meeting the needs of the people.

klc_event2This ministry was designed to enable KLC to infiltrate and penetrate our communities, city, state, nation, and the world with the love of God and His plan of salvation. The LifeGuards allow God to produce an anointing within their lives in order to make the greatest impact we can to those we are reaching out to. As LifeGuards, this ministry is watchful, prayerful, and on the offensive to win souls into the body of Christ.

Through the ministry of Evangelism, LifeGuards gives the revelation and insight of God’s salvation, love, glory, and power and inspires hope into the hearts of those who are lost or bound. We give the “God-Breathed” enthusiasm of life to the sinner, backslider, hopeless and bound. Our position for soul-winning is what we call the 1Cor 3:6 principle; we cultivate the soil (the heart), plant the seed (the word of God), nurture (love) and watch for the harvest (salvation and new life) for those we witness to. We’re gathering a great harvest of the Lord!