Teen Ministry

The teenagers in SHOUT! Youth Ministry are Living Life Out Loud! This ministry is led by a dedicated team of youth leaders, and a group a radical teens who don’t mind showing the world how to live the Kingdom Life. SHOUT! offers our youth a fresh worship experience with the Father and practical teaching about real- life issues. And of course, we always follow that up with good pizza, music, and fellowship. Our teenagers are growing up in perilous times and these young people are standing up boldly to proclaim the truth to their generation. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, then we have place just for you.

klc_ministry_teen1In addition to SHOUT! youth service, teens at KLC also have three other ministries in which they can join up with to enhance their growth and enjoy more fellowship. These ministries are Daddy’s Girls, Son’s of Perez, and our TrueLife Performance ministry.

Daddy’s Girls is a ministry committed to shielding our daughters and shaping their future. It is designed for young ladies ages 13-19. These ladies are learning to be women of God through practical teaching, daily application of the word, and learning the importance of having godly relationships with each other, friends, and family.

The Son’s of Perez ministry was established for our young men ages 13-21. This is a ministry where we are restoring the lives of our sons so that they may become repairers of the breach. We are teaching them to lead, to be one with their words, and fulfill their God-given purpose which is to dominate in whatever their hands are involved in.

TrueLife is a performing arts ministry in SHOUT! Youth Ministry. These teens are expressing their love for God passionately through dance. However, TrueLife doesn’t just move to music; they choreograph every step to minister to the hearts of people, especially to those in their generation. TrueLife members are excited about being a part of the Kingdom and are committed to living this life to the fullest. Their call to ministry extends far beyond the walls of the church as they prepare, through practice and prayer, to go out and gather a harvest of souls.